Learn about the possibilities of chat live support with customers

The importance of direct communication

Provide superior live customer service by chatting live with your customers and walking them through your website.

Through the service you can connect the relationship between your store and the customer easily and answer all the questions of the client and solve the problems easily. In addition, customers love this feature because it makes it easier for them to know the information that is not understood by them.

Features Chat Live Support

With the great possibilities we offer you with chat live support you can not only communicate with your customers but know the many details that make your relationship with the customer more effective such as:
– Locate the customer on the map.
– Know the browser that uses it.
– Know the type of device you are using.
– Registration of the customer’s personal information for better service.
– Record conversations.
– You can add 3 assistants.
– Supports all languages.
– Available 24 hours 7 days a week.

And many of the features that make your relationship with the customer very enjoyable.
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