About ShopiHere Ecommerce Platform

ShopiHere Ecommerce Platform

About us

Shopihere Ecommerce platform is one of the most important portals that allows everyone to own their own online store and have access to a phone application. Electronic commerce is evident with shopihere more fun.

Shopihere Ecommerce platform is based in Morocco in Rabat.
Besides we are working to develop future branches all over the world.

It is our priority to help developing countries in the field of e-marketing, to provide them with ready-made shops, in addition to marketable products, as well as the possibility of financial support and many of the advantages we assume.


Who are responsible for the ShopiHere Ecommerce Platform Project

Mr. Mehdi Al-Bukhari is responsible for the project initially and has ensured that it is possible to raise the challenges to all fields of electronic marketing.

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