How to get a personal brand name in the Internet

To make a personal brand you should know that the Internet makes it easier to get it through (domain name)

How important it is to add a Domain Name to your site in order to increase the profits of your project

Choosing a strategic domain name is not just a task for those starting up their own businesses. For many, the decision to launch your own website comes many years after you’ve already built a profitable venture. The reasons for this are typically:

  • You’ve been successfully selling on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay or Etsy –– and now want to extend your business footprint outside of that marketplace.
  • You’ve been a successful brick-and-mortar or B2B company for years –– sometimes for decades –– and now, the affordable price and ease-of-use of opening an online storefront have convinced you to pull the trigger.
  • You’ve received venture or crowd-sourced funding for your startup idea, new product line, etc. Now, you need to open an online shop and begin pushing traffic to your own domain, not that of a site like Kickstarter, for example.

Use the same domain name you place in your store on eBay or amazon in order to attract as many customers as you. It will be more effective to be more interested in SEO because search engines use it to know products and guide potential customers to you with all ease while saving advertising money.

A domain name is the name of your online store as it is in the name of your company or your store on the ground must choose and give it only.

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